Senin, 04 April 2016

nail design ideas

It was a long time since the world heard the overflow Ashley Nell Tipton, but their innovative success 14 seasons of reality runway show and dimensions of the lives of many women feel very project thanks to the visible participation of small (and win !) Program. According to Fashionista curves, nail enamel line Ashley Nell Tipton, in collaboration with FingerPaints, is ready to bring designers in the spotlight because it shows the unique love of gold, colorful, shape cake nail varnishes. For those trying to lead Ahold their new nail polish and a limited edition note that this website Tipton is a bit hush hush now. But revealed announced that Instagram will be able to buy their lines really FingerPaints Sally Beauty Supply.
Preparations for the start of summer, Tipton perhaps kept away from our screens for a few months. But the collection of nail hopefully just the beginning of the existence of a designer, not only in fashion, but solidified his future in fashion.
Since the first release since winning Project Runway, it may seem strange that the size and the author - who applauded the design plus-size - to opt for the collection of nail. However, I think that the move is to make innovative and very little touch of style accessible to all or any ideas. After all, the nail polish is usually cheaper than a dress. Moreover, it is kind of fun, preventive release allows you to generate signals on the front line of clothing until later this year.
There are six different shades of meetings, all with names as interesting as one would expect from the beauty of the election. Beverly Touch is a golden color, thanks to Berry Many of them (obviously) shade of dark berries, 50 Shades of Ashley is beautiful, vibrant blue and purple, teal Dawn party is blue-green color, Blushing With the spirit is proper name for the red and lavender sweet young love is, you guessed it, the purple day.
All glazes price of $ five.forty nine, which is pretty reasonable IMO. And if you're a proud owner Sally Beauty Card, you will be able to get all of this for $ 4.99 each.
It really ideal for spring and summer shade, just to keep your manicure bright spot in your beauty routine.
Project Runway FingerPaints Beverlys touch, $ 5.49,
Personally, I consider that the golden color - Touch Beverly - it's my favorite in the coming months, he easily from day to night. It is a feat thought to be achieved only with the help of red nail varnish.
Project Runway FingerPaints Fifty Shades of Ashley, $ five.forty nine
On the opposite side, the dream shadow siren call Tipton once himself, Fifty shades of Ashley, has the right to get the sun all summer tone. The color is almost holographic and undeniably beautiful.
As with any cosmetic product, we all have our favorites. But I guess Tipton has done a great job with different FingerPaints and includes something for everyone, while expressing your own personal style. Reminiscent shadow is presented by the designer in the final draft of the track, I can not wait to see how the colors make their way into a fashion line next summer, too.
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